What is the Smile Dating Test?

smile dating test

What is the Smile Dating Test?

The Smile Dating Test is a fun and honest online quiz that helps you discover your dating style and personality using smiley characters1. It is a romance quiz that determines your dating personality with smileys2. Each smiley in the quiz represents a specific MBTI’s lover persona on a spectrum2. Some get super-romantic smileys, while others match almost aromantic ones2.

How Does the Test Work?

During the Smile Dating Quiz, you answer several relationship-related questions that reveal your views on love2. The quiz then analyzes the responses to find your corresponding smiley and MBTI type2. Note that the Smile Dating Test is not a love tester. It does not determine if you are lovely or if you are happy in your relationship. What it does is unveil your sentimental side while seeing someone2.

16 Personalities as Smile Dating Faces

The MBTI typing puts each personality into a different dating category. For example, ENTJs are gregarious and goal-oriented in a relationship, while ENTPs are energetic and positive lovers2. If you already know your MBTI, use the following table to discover your dating smiley2.

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Smiley Color MBTI Dating Persona
Gold ENTJ Direct and open
Rose Red ENTP Energetic and positive
Violet INFJ Sincere and private
Lilac INFP Wholeheartedly and hopefully
Rose Gold ENFJ Certain and stable
Yellow ENFP Spontaneous and fun-loving
Grey ISTJ Reserved but loyal
White ISFJ Careful and protective
Brown ESTJ Dedicated and strong
Pale Pink ESFJ Charming and intimate
Earth Tones ISTP Casual and free-spirited
Turquoise ISFP Unrestrained and adventurous
Cherry Red ESTP Enthusiastic and experimental
Orange ESFP Delightful and peaceful
Deep Purple INTJ Hardly opens up
Galaxy Palette INTP Takes a logical approach to love

How the Smile Dating Test Went Viral on TikTok

The Smile Dating Quiz went viral on TikTok after users started sharing their results on the app using hashtags like ‘smile dating test’2. 2022 was home to many TikTok-viral personality quizzes like “What Human Emotion Are You?” But the Smile Dating Quiz is one of the earliest epidemic tests of 2023. Despite its South Korean roots, the test has gained global popularity. And you can now join our participants to hop on the trend and share your Dating Smiley on TT2.

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It’s Your Turn to Meet Your Dating Personality

Here comes the big question: What is your dating smiley? Take the Smile Dating Quiz to find out in less than five minutes. You are just one step away from exposing your romantic side and discovering how your dates would see you. We won’t ask for your personal info but will give you a few options to share your smiley on social media—for free. Let’s figure out what smiley you are when dating2.


In conclusion, the Smile Dating Test is a fun, honest, and informative way to discover your dating style and personality using smiley characters. It’s easy to take, quick to complete, and provides valuable insights into how you approach relationships. So why not give it a try today? You might be surprised by what you learn about yourself! 😊